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Golden Law A.P.C. fights for any business suffering frivolous lawsuits regarding construction-related and internet-related accessibility access claims under the American Disabilities Act (A.D.A.). We are your company’s one-stop accessibility shop specializing in issues arising under the Federal A.D.A. and California Unruh Act.

Litigation and Defense for Construction Related to A.D.A. Access Claims.

Landlord and Tenant Lease A.D.A. Negotiations

Litigation and A.D.A. Defense of Websites and Internet Assets

Proactive Consulting on All A.D.A. and Accessibility Matters

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Rachelle Taylor Golden, Esq. suffered a spinal cord injury as a teenager, which rendered her paraplegic from the hips down. Ms. Golden now uses a manual wheelchair for mobility. She refuses to use her disability for personal financial gain and defends companies against what she believes are often frivolous lawsuits regarding construction-related and website-related accessibility access claims. Ms. Golden manages a highly sought-after defense civil litigation firm that is not afraid to take on any predatory plaintiff. Furthermore, they will make the best effort to negotiate cost-effective collaboration, so all parties win.

Rachelle Golden is the lawyer you need in your corner. She is a tough problem solver who understands the needs of a business and the realities of ADA law. She is passionate about stopping frivolous lawsuits and finding reasonable solutions to mitigate both physical and digital accessibility issues to everyone’s benefit

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